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Our 10 Peaks events work on a very straight forward principle – we find the most challenging mountainous locations in the UK and plot an ultra distance length route through them, with mandatory checkpoints on the highest 10 peaks in the area. It is then down to you to navigate yourself from the start to the finish, taking in the 10 peaks in a set order (plus additional mandatory checkpoints and feed stations), within the 24 hour time limit. The routes are definitely not designed to be easy and you can guarantee that they will be navigationally challenging, especially if the conditions are unkind! The long routes will be up to 60 miles long, with 6000 meters of height gain, whilst the “short” routes will vary between 30 and 45 miles with between 3 and 4000 meters of height gain. Usually less than half of the competitors successfully complete the long course, hence the introduction of the shorter route choice for 2013. Do not be fooled into thinking that the short route is an easy option! We would only advise those with many miles of mountain navigation experience and decent levels of fitness to take on the challenge. We will require the competitors that are considering the longer route to prove their mountain experience and fitness levels, as completing the route will be incredibly challenging, let alone trying to complete it within 24 hours!

Here at 10 Peaks, we are constantly searching for incredibly challenging and inspiring locations in which to host our 10 Peaks events. Having established a now infamous route in the Lake District, which has been running with great success for 4 years, and launching our Brecon Beacons event in September we now have even bigger plans for 2014. Pairs categories will be available for the first time in both locations over the long course. There will also be a team category for the long course in Brecon. And last but certainly not least, the Lakes will host our first 10 Peaks Xtreme event – a 100km circular route with over 8000 of ascent!


“You think it’s going to be hard, but it’s harder than you think.”

“Nothing is impossible, except maybe this!”

“Too hard. Too far. But I’m definitely coming back next year!”

“Many highs. A few lows. And every emotion in between.”

“The toughest event I have ever had the pleasure of attempting.”

“That was amazing, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!”