Detailed information


The 10Peaks™ Brecon race is a run/trek over a set route through the Brecon Beacons National Park. You will have to navigate yourself round the course, visiting the 10 mandatory peaks in the set order (plus the other mandatory checkpoints) and cross the finish line within a 24 hour time limit.


The 10Peaks™ Brecon Beacons race will take place on Saturday 9th September, 2017.

Registration will take place at YHA Danywenallt Talybont-on-Usk (venue TBC), Brecon and will be open on Friday 8th September between the hours of 18:00 and 23:00. Registration will NOT re-open Saturday morning.

Long course competitors will start at 05:00 on Saturday morning and must finish by 05:00 on Sunday.

Short course competitors will start at 06:00 on Saturday morning and must finish by 06:00 on Sunday.


Race headquarters is at YHA Danywenallt Talybont-on-Usk, Brecon, Powys, LD3 7YS.

Start and finish for both long and short course competitors will be outside race Headquarters.

The camping and parking area is located next to race Headquarters.


The Short and Long Course are open to solo competitors only in 2017. However, we encourage competitors to join up with others, especially for the night sections and during bad weather.

There will be prizes for the first 3 male and first 3 female finishers of both the long and short courses.


This is a navigational event and all competitors must be experienced at navigating in the mountains using a map and compass, in darkness and bad weather. Competitors may use GPS devices for navigation but must still carry a map and compass (and know how to use them!).

Waterproof Harvey maps will be provided and will have the full route marked on them, showing the peaks, mandatory checkpoints and feed stations. The suggested route will have already been plotted on the map for you and you are advised to follow it. You are ultimately responsible for your own route choice however, so you are free to choose an alternative (so long as all peaks are visited in the correct order and you check in at all checkpoints and feed stations). Any areas marked out of bounds must be avoided. Entry into these areas will result in disqualification.

Competitors may carry their own maps in addition to (not instead of!) the issued one.


Registration will take place at YHA Danywenallt Talybont-on-Usk (Venue TBC) on Friday 8th September. On no account should any competitor attempt to start the race without having registered and obtained their race number. At Registration you will be required to show proof of identity.

At registration you will be issued with the following –

  • Race number and safety pins (this should be placed on your rucksack or other prominent place where it will be visible at all times)
  • Harvey map, with route and checkpoints pre-marked
  • 10Peaks™ T-shirt
  • GPS Tracker
  • SI Timing Dibber

Race Briefings

There will be a 15 minute race briefing for long and short course competitors on Friday evening at 21.30. There will be another chance to hear the briefing at 04:30 on Saturday morning for those doing the long course and at 05:30 for those doing the short course. Please ensure that you attend at least one of the briefings. Any late amendments to the course, last minute safety issues or out of bound notifications will be given at these briefings so it is imperative that you are there to hear them!

Mandatory kit

Every competitor will be required to carry (or wear) the following items for the duration of the race. Random kit inspections may be carried out during the event and at the finish. Competitors found not carrying the full mandatory kit may be penalised or even disqualified. This is for your safety and we will not compromise on this list –

  • Map (issued at registration)
  • Compass suitable for mountain navigation
  • Water carrier (bottles or bladder)
  • Waterproof Jacket (with a hood and taped seams)
  • Waterproof trousers (with taped seams)
  • Hat or buff
  • Head Torch and spare batteries
  • Survival Bag (NOT A BLANKET)
  • Mobile phone
  • Whistle
  • Food to eat on the move
  • Suitable footwear for mountain use (no road running shoes)

The following additional items are recommended –

  • Warm top
  • Money
  • Watch
  • Altimeter
  • Purification tablets
  • Plasters and blister kit
  • Walking poles
  • Sun cream
  • Waterproof rucksack liner

Race Numbers

You will be given your race number at registration and this must be pinned to your rucksack so that it is visible at all times. You won’t be able to get any water or food without one.

Feed stations

There will be 5 feed stations along the route, with on average 7 miles between each one. At each station there will be marshals providing water and food (think bananas, cake, salty snacks etc.).

At the approximate halfway point on the long route (short route competitors will not be visiting this feed station) there will be a feed station that will serve hot soup and rolls, tea, coffee and the usual energy products. Long course competitors will also have the option of leaving a small, carefully labelled kit bag at registration for the organisers to forward to this feed station, in which you can pack spare clothing and food etc. Bags will be returned to race HQ once all competitors have passed through the feed station (please note that this option will not be available to short course competitors).

Both long and short course competitors will also get access to hot food and drink at the feed station at Storey Arms car park which is visited on the return leg.

Checkpoints and cut-off times

Each checkpoint and feed station will be manned by marshals. You must check-in with the marshals at every one of them, giving your name and race number. Every peak will be un-manned but will have a SPORTident timing control box secured in the location, into which you must “dib” your timing chip to record your visit.

Once all competitors have passed through a checkpoint it will be closed down.

For safety reasons there will be (fairly generous) cut-off times that long course competitors have to leave certain checkpoints by. These timings will be advised closer to race day and failure to meet these will result in the competitor being switched to the short course or retired. This is a safety measure that has been put in place to ensure that as many competitors as possible cross the finish line, and within the 24 hour time limit. At CP2, where the long and short course split, those long course competitors that are having a bad day will also have the opportunity of voluntarily switching over to the short course. This must be notified to the marshals at the time.

All long course competitors that switch to the short course during the race (either voluntarily or by missing the cut-off time) will not be eligible for prizes if they happen to be one of the first 3 finishers on the short course.

Medical and emergencies

Mountain Rescue Teams will be on hand to provide first aid and rescue cover. There will be mobile units out on the course, ready to respond to any emergencies, and some of their team members will be situated at various key checkpoints providing support to competitors as they pass through.

You must at all times carry an emergency survival blanket/bag, a whistle, a crepe bandage and a sterile dressing. You are advised to carry a more comprehensive first aid kit to enable self treatment for less serious injuries.

Competitors are asked to assist another competitor that is in distress. The assisting competitor will be credited for time lost.

All competitors are required to carry a mobile phone. In the event of getting lost or injured, where there is no assistance on hand, use you phone to contact race HQ where you will receive advice on what to do. If you are in a life threatening emergency, dial 999.

If you are lost (and all attempts to confirm your whereabouts have failed) and you have no mobile phone reception, head downhill, following a track, stream or road until you have phone reception or obtain outside assistance. Inform race HQ as soon as possible.

Race HQ will attempt to monitor all competitors’ whereabouts by regular contact with checkpoints on the course. Missing competitors may be searched for, so to avoid unnecessary work for our marshals and support partners, please contact race HQ as soon as you have realised that you have made a big navigation error that may result in you falling behind on schedule.


Please give all marshals the respect that they deserve. They are all volunteers and without them the race could not go ahead. Marshals will have been issued instructions on what to do in certain events. Please adhere to their requests at all times.
If you wish to volunteer to marshal, please contact the race organisers.

Kit Bag

If you would like to leave a kit/food bag at registration on Friday evening we will ensure that it is forwarded to the hot feed station near the A4067 for you to access during the event (long course competitors only – the short course does not go this far west). It is up to you to label it clearly and ensure that it is waterproof if necessary. We will do our best to keep an eye on your bag, but any bags are left at your risk and we will not be held responsible for any losses. We will transport your bag back to the race HQ after the feed station closes. Kit bags must not exceed 40cm in length.

Event Rules

General Event Rules for all Ourea Ltd Events:

1.    The Participant must abide by the Event rules as laid out below by the Organiser. Ignorance of these rules by the Participant is no excuse and failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification from the Event. In the event of disqualification the Participant maybe required to leave the Event and travel back to the start at their own expense. In these circumstances no refund of the Participant’s entry Fee will be given.

2.     The Golden Rule. Once registered, each Participant must download their SI data at the Event Centre before departing regardless if they have retired or not (or even not started). This is our check to account for everyone being safely off the hill.

3.    All Participants are expected to enter into the spirit of this mountain running race and not seek to gain any unfair advantage.

4.    Participants must comply with our basic safety rules and obey any reasonable instruction given by an event official.

5.    On open hills and mountains, which are generally defined as Access Land, Participants may cross walls or fences but are encouraged to use gates and stiles where available.

6.    On agricultural and farmland, Participants must follow rights of way, established footpaths and tracks and must NOT cross walls and fences except at designated crossing points, gates and stiles.

7.    Any Participant seen dropping litter will be disqualified.

8.    Participants must comply with the ‘Equipment List’ and carry all mandatory items as specified. Any breach of the mandatory kit list will result in disqualification.

9.    Any Participant who acts in a manner that brings the Event into disrepute or endangers another competitor, marshal or member of the public will receive a life ban from Ourea Ltd events.

Specific Event Rules for The 10Peaks™ Brecon Beacons Race:

10.  Any Participant that fails to visits all the checkpoints, in the correct order, will be automatically ranked below another competitor who has, regardless of their overall time.

Prior experience

These events are very demanding! The short course is not as easy as the name would suggest and we will only allow those with relevant skill and experience to take part. The long course is only for those competitors that have competed in similar challenges, are very experienced in navigation in mountainous environments, in all weathers (and in the dark), and are fit. In previous years, we have had anything from 60% to 100% drop out rates (yes, in 2010 not 1 person finished the Lake District race!) and we urge you to take this as a warning.