Route Maps & Downloads

This page contains the 2017 version of low-res version of the map as issued at registration and both good and bad weather route versions for the long and short 10Peaks™ Lakes 2017 courses.

We will be making some route tweaks to improve the 10Peaks™ experience, which will be confirmed in due course.

Please note that you can download the route data in a number of formats straight from this page (e.g. GPX route or track via the dropdown menu above each map). Alternatively, for more features and elevation profiles, just click on the title of the route, or for all the 10Peaks™ Lakes courses please visit this external page.


10Peaks™ Lakes (2017 route)


A preview of the official 2017 10Peaks™ Lakes race map. 2018 map will follow in due course.


For reference only

2017 10Peaks™ Lakes – Long (GOOD weather)


2017 10Peaks™ Lakes – Short (GOOD weather)


2017 10Peaks™ Lakes – Long (BAD weather)


2017 10Peaks™ Lakes – Short (BAD weather)