Long course – 24th June 2017

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Breaking: The Clif Bar 10Peaks™  Lakes (long course) carries 4 qualifying points for UTMB events.

The original 10Peaks™ course takes in the 10 highest peaks in the Lake District. A simple idea but one which is incredibly difficult to achieve!

The route will take you over dramatic rocky crags, across open moorland and through low lying bogs following a clockwise loop bagging the peaks in the following order:

  1. Helvellyn, 951 m (3,118 ft)
  2. Bowfell, 902 m (2,960 ft)
  3. Great End, 910 m (2,986 ft)
  4. Ill Crag, 935 m (3,068 ft)
  5. Broad Crag, 934 m (3,064)
  6. Scafell Pike, 978 m (3,210 ft)
  7. Scafell, 965 m (3,162 ft)
  8. Great Gable, 899 m (2,949 ft)*
  9. Pillar, 892 m (2,926 ft)*
  10. Skiddaw, 931 m (3,054 ft)

*The order of peaks 8 and 9 will change depending on whether you choose the alternative route or the standard route.

In addition to the 10 highest there are also two additional compulsory peaks, High Raise and Esk Pike.

There are two suggested routes. The standard routes stays on the high ground, taking the Corridor Route between Scafell Pike and Great Gable (climbing Great Gable before Pillar), whilst the alternative route descends into Wasdale after completing Scafell and heads up to Pillar by Black Sail Pass (bagging Pillar before Great Gable) – this route means that you will have to climb Great Gable after the Beck Head check point. The alternative route is about 250m shorter with about 20m of additional altitude gain but includes a beast of a scramble up to Pillar. The choice is yours, but if you do head down into Wasdale, remember it is a long way back to Honister if you feel unable to continue. Please note we are not able to pick you up from Wasdale.

In previous years competitors have been permitted to use Windy Gap as a route to Pillar but this year it is OOB to everyone who arrives at Scafell Pike later than 10am.

Participants will need to navigate their own way from peak to peak on foot and feel confident doing so night or day. Below you can view the suggested routes however this is only a suggestion and you will need to make the best decisions based on your own level of experience.


Due to the erosion on and around Lord’s Rake this route will be OOB to all competitors arriving at Scafell Pike after 10am. This means that only the fastest can go this way. Those not competing for course records will have to ascend via Foxes Tarn. Broad Stand is strictly out-of-bounds! If for whatever reason you don’t feel confident going this way, or conditions prove too difficult to, please turn back. If you do miss Scafell you will receive a 2 hour time penalty which will be added to your overall finish time. All competitors missing out Scafell will not be eligible for winners’ prizes, should their time (with the penalty added) fall within the first 3 finishers’ times. Anyone caught attempting Broad Stand will be disqualified from the race and banned from any future events.

This route may be subject to change should conditions require.

Download The_Lakes-Long.gpx (please note this file will need to be expanded before use)