What kit will I need?
Every competitor has to carry some mandatory kit as noted on the ‘detailed information’ pages.
Do I need to complete the 10Peaks™ in a set order?
Yes. The order specified is mandatory. This is often the shortest and safest route and opening times for the checkpoints have been based on this order.
Can I complete the race as a pair/team?
This is a solo entry event and prizes will only be awarded in the solo category. We do however welcome competitors that wish to complete the course with companions (and in some cases we would recommend that they do so). This is a very good safety measure for those that feel nervous about the nature of the challenge that lies ahead of them. It is also advisable for competitors with less experience of mountain navigation to buddy-up with others. Being part of a “team” however, does not mean that you do not need to have any navigational skills. Each individual “team” member must have the ability to navigate themselves out of trouble should their partner become injured whilst in the hills.
Can I enter on the day?
No. You need to register in advance through this website.
What if I don’t think I can make it in 24 hours?
Officially the event is over after 24 hours. If you fall behind schedule and miss the mandatory cut off times en route you will be switched on to the short course. If you are still looking as though you will not make the 24 hour time limit we would advise you to take a short cut BUT ONLY after informing a marshal of your intention and planned route. If you miss a cut-off time then you will be asked to retire from the event.
What if I don’t think I can finish?
Please contact the race organisers as soon as possible to notify them that you are stopping.
What if I get lost?
Try to find a point of reference where you know where you are or ask another competitor/walker for assistance. Stop and re-plan your route to get back on to the set route. If you think you may have lost too much time to meet certain cut-off times, voice your concern at the next feed station or Peak. HQ can then be contacted for advice. If you have absolutely no clue as to where you are, and conditions are such that you need to get off the hills, head downhill, follow a stream or track, find a road and seek assistance. Monitor your phone signal constantly so that you can contact race HQ as soon as possible.
Are there any aid stations on the route?
Yes. There will be 3 aid stations on the Long and Short Course, providing water, and all sorts of nutritious goodies.
Will there be any marshals to direct me?
There will be marshals on certain summits and at all feed stations, however, they are not there to direct you. It is up to the individual competitor to navigate from peak to peak. If you are not confident and experienced at using a map and compass we advise that you do not enter the 10Peaks™ events until you have brushed up on your skills.
I have never competed in anything like this before?
Not many people have, but remember this is not for beginners! If you haven’t walked or run over long distances before then try something shorter first, and build up to it. And remember, practise your navigation, there is no point running faster than anyone else if you are going the wrong way! We would advise newcomers to try the 10Peaks™ short routes before tackling the long routes.
What preparation should I do for the 10Peaks™ events?
This is a physically and mentally challenging event, no amount of preparation will guarantee that you cross the finish line but the more you do the better chance you have. Here are some pointers:

  • Replicating the conditions as closely as possible is the ideal preparation but this isn’t always possible.
  • In your long training sessions it’s time on your feet that is the most important thing regardless of whether you are walking or running.
  • Ensure you are a competent navigator, even in the dark.
  • Try out different energy drinks, or snacks to find out what works for you.
  •  Read the blogs on training and preparation that can be found on our website.
I have doubts over my fitness?
The 10Peaks™ events are exceptionally demanding events, if you have any doubts please contact your GP.
What do I do when I’ve finished?
Please check in at race HQ. This is crucially important as we need to know who is left on the course.
What is the procedure in the event of a bad weather forecast?
If the forecast is dangerously windy then the event will still take place but the route may change to the bad weather route.
Will there be a race briefing before the event?
No, all briefing information is covered at registration, in emails to all participants pre-event, and in the relevant detailed information page on this website.
What time does registration take place?
Registration times can be found on our detailed information pages. These will be strictly adhered to. On no account should anyone start the race without having registered beforehand.