10 Peaks marshals go the extra mile

It’s not just the competitors that go the extra mile in aid of charity. The 10 Peaks Challenge attracts extreme marshals too! Aqua Consultants were not content with setting up a check point on top of the highest mountain in England, they set up an aid station providing bottled water and energy bars for all competitors! They were joined by a member of Raynet who provided the comms to other check points and back to base.

Also a huge thank you to Glenn Duffy from Care for Health who set up an aid station at Beck Head for the second year. This year he was joined by his dog, Tokay, who helped carry 120 bottles of water and 120 energy bars to the check point. Not only did Glenn have to carry all the check point supplies but he also carried his tent and food for himself. Glenn camped up on the mountain for two nights missing a VIP trip to the Ladies Wimbledon final to support the challenge once again.

Tokay enjoys a snack on the mountain

A massive thank you to all the marshals who made this year’s event possible. It really couldn’t happen without you.