10 Peaks Xtreme – Wasdale

The enclosed map shows the location of the new check point at Wasdale. This is located near to the National Trust car park and is available for all Xtreme and Long Course competitors opting to take the Alternative Route.

From the check point the route follows that of the Bob Graham Round up towards Yewbarrow. You will need to pass through a gate marked ‘Private’ shown below. The gate will be left open during the event so please do not climb over it.

©2014 Stewart Bondi

Further up the hill you will come across a wall with a wire fence behind it. Please use the stile to cross this fence before continuing up towards Yewbarrow. There is no need to go to the summit. There is also no need to go over Stirrup Crag, instead you can turn off to the left – look for a small pile of stones as an indicator.

Turn off around Stirrup Crag. ©2014 Stewart Bondi

From Dore Head continue north west along the path towards Red Pike.

Dore Head ©2014 Stewart Bondi