Honister Slate Mine supports the 10 Peaks

A huge thank you to all the staff at Honister Slate Mine who played host to the event on Saturday. Not only did they allow us to use their mine as a venue for a check point but they also cooked some much appreciated food for us. Competitors enjoyed a choice of jacket potato and chilli, or a veggie pasta dish. All the food was prepared at the mine especially for the 10 Peaks Challenge. I know from personal experience that I was looking forward to the chilli for hours before hand! And I wasn’t disappointed. The hot meal was just what I needed to give me a boost to get me up to Dale Head Tarn!

Honister is a working slate mine but also offers Via Ferrata. Via Ferrata is Italian for “Iron Way” and the system has been used in the Alps for more than a century. Honister’s Via Ferrata is an adventure climbing system that uses a permanently fixed cable for safety and protection up the rock face of the old miners’ route. You are attached to this system by a harness provided by Honister. Full safety instructions are provided and initially all tours will be guided. Check out their website for more information.