Activator Ampule – the mysterious brown tube

I was a bit wary of this brown tube as I saw it lying in the boot of the marshal’s car at Honistor Slate Mine but I would go as far as to say it is partly responsible for me finishing the course!

I gave up black tea at the beginning of January but promised myself I could have a cup when I reached CP4 to give me the much needed boost I would need. I arrived at the mine after the café had shut so I thought I would give the Activator a try. The caffeine hit combined with jacket potato and chilli was perfect to prepare me for the final stages of the event. As I headed up towards Dale Head Tarn my previous weakness was behind me and running across Maiden Moor and Catbells as the sun was setting was one of my highlights of the event.

The Activators can be bought from Team Nutrition. I won’t be doing an endurance event again without one.

Activator contains 160 mg of caffeine from guarana, green tea and mate in combination with pure natural caffeine. The combination of different sources of caffeine provides short and long lasting stimulating effects. Suitable for sports, where increased concentration and coordination skills are required, for example ball sports and martial arts. But Activator is also successfully used by endurance athletes. Runners, cyclists, and triathletes also use Activator as a caffeine booster on the last stages of endurance competitions.