The Bog – What is the Solution?

The Bog forms the route from CP1 (south of Thirlmere reservoir) up to High Raise. Leading up to the 2010 event ground water levels were near an all time low but those who dared to enter The Bog found that there was plenty of water around! So what is the solution? Baring in mind you are only a couple of hours in to an event which is likely to take the best part of a day to complete?

1. Do you plod on, get wet and get on with it?

2. Take the high ground (off the track) with the knowledge that you are taking an indirect route?

3. Take a change of shoes and socks with you and change once you are near High Raise?

I think I would take a spare pair of socks and some water proof socks. Once I am through The Bog (and wet) I change in to my water proof socks while my shoes dry, then change back in to the spare socks.

I’d be interested to hear your opinions on the best way to tackle the wettest part of the course?